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Construction Models

1/72 Scale

Aug - Sept Arrival

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Click to Enlarge Douglas C-47 Skytrain, '42-100646' 439th TCG, 50th TCW, June 1944, Upottery Devon

On the night of 5th June 1944 thousands of brave young men across Great Britain waited in...[more] [Age: 14 and up ]

1/72 Scale

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Click to Enlarge BAE Hawk Red Arrow - Corgi Flight Series

Corgi Flight is a series of accurately detailed die-cast model aircraft, ideal for anyone with an interest in aviation. The models...[more] [Age: 14 and up ]

1/50 Scale

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Click to Enlarge King Ward Bus Co. - Flexible Clipper
King Ward is a prominent New England charter company. Today it operates modern up-to-date coaches and has a restored flexible Clipper...[more]
[Age: 14 and up ]
1/50 Scale

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Click to Enlarge Peter Pirsch & Sons Closed Cab Sedan - Metropolitan Fire Department - Sarasota, FL - Heroes Under Fire
Answering the call from collectors, Corgi has brought back the retired...[more]
[Age: 14 and up ] [Inches: 6" x 2" ]
1/72 Scale

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Click to Enlarge Panavia Tornado F3 ADV, 5 Sqn, RAF Coningsby, 1991 - Limited Edition

This model features:
- Wingspan approximately 9.5" - Movable sweeping wing
- Optional to...[more]
[Age: 14 and up ] [Inches: 9.5" wingspan ]

1/72 Scale

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Click to Enlarge Hawker Hunter T7 - XL591, 4FTSm RAF Valley, Anglesey, 1975 - JUST 1 LEFT [Age: 14 and up ]
1/72 Scale

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Click to Enlarge Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIA, P8088, 118 Squadron, 'The Borough of Lambeth', RAF Ibsley, May, 1941 - JUST 2 LEFT [Age: 14 and up ]
1/72 Scale

Dec - Jan Arrival

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Click to Enlarge Messerschmitt Bf109G-2, as Preserved at RAF Museum Hendon

Built originally as a Bf109F but converted to G-2 standard while on the production line, ‘Black 6’ has since gone on...[more] [Age: Adults ]

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